Our Story

Bob Reeve and Joe Knight founded Reeve-Knight Construction in 1991, pooling together their decades of experience with a single dedication – to do the finest job possible, on-time and on budget. Their work consisted mostly of small remodels, for which they did all of the labor themselves. They took pride in their projects and devoted themselves to treating their clients with respect. This small-business mentality still exists within Reeve-Knight, though its capabilities have expanded to a national level and its annual revenue has reached $85 million.

Developing long-term relationships with clients is far more important to us than reaching a quota. Our clients frequently develop trusting relationships with specific teams or managers they have worked with, and come back to us requesting to work with those personnel again. This attentive service, coupled with our competitive pricing, helps maintain these lasting ties.

Getting the job done on schedule has always been a distinguishing feature of Reeve-Knight. We will maintain the completion date, whether it means working in severe weather conditions, overtime or weekends. We understand that business must go on, and we will do our work while maintaining our clients’ undisturbed operations. We like to think that we can provide construction services without being “noticed”.

Reeve-Knight is a company with a reputation for providing a level of service rarely found in the industry. Reeve-Knight’s General Construction division is capable of most any size project throughout the United States with a majority of our work in Northern California and Nevada. This team specializes in large projects and their unique needs and has the vast resources necessary to continually exceed our customer’s expectations.

In today’s fast-paced construction industry it is important to find a partner who will treat your project with the respect it deserves. Whether this is your first and only development, or you are doing a rollout on a national scale, we will assist you in making your project a success. Our capabilities run the full spectrum of the construction process, from small tenant improvements to major developments. Whatever your construction needs, we are your complete source.