El Dorado Hills Marketplace (Shell)

LOCATED:  El Dorado Hills, CA

SF:  12,260 SF

PROJECT TYPE:  Ground-Up Shell Retail Building

PROJECT VALUE:  $2,111,000

Ground-up Retail Shell Infill Building completed in January of 2021 in the existing established Marketplace Town Center, built approximately 15 years prior. The building consists of structural CMU block exterior walls with large areas built-out with wood framing over entries to add interest and protection from the weather, the entire building has a painted cement plaster finish. The wood framed areas feature large mansards and gables with tile roofs and faux windows and a small eyebrow standing seam metal roof, the majority of the roof was a Class A 60-Mil. Single-ply TPO roof. Because this was an infill building, meaning located between two existing operational retail buildings, it meant controlling traffic and keeping delivery areas open and making sure the footings address forces exerted on adjacent structural footings and seismic joints allowed independent movement while keeping water out of the existing and new buildings.

The landscaping included tying into the existing irrigation system and providing water friendly plants similar to existing center and featured large amount of sealed integral color concrete flatwork to match existing center flatwork as closely as possible, integrated metal handrails at ramp, a concrete seat wall that doubled as a retaining wall, large metal trellises adding visual interest and precast concrete site furnishings and planter pots with integrated irrigation and drainage and new ADA parking stalls and signage.