Trinity Episcopal Church Folsom Building Rehabilitation & Site Improvement

LOCATED:  Folsom, CA

SF:  Church 3,190 SF & Parish Hall 5,012 SF

PROJECT TYPE:  Historic Remodel

PROJECT VALUE:  $2,150,000

Reeve-Knight performed a remodel on both the Main Church and Parish Hall.
At the main church, which was a historical building, we updated majority of the inside and reframed the back wall and roof of the structure to increase the church seating area. We also installed new restrooms, sacristy and choir seating area. New windows and siding were installed to match the old existing materials that remained. A new air conditioning system, lights and power outlets were installed throughout.
At the parish hall, we reframed the back end of the main hall to increase the size of the space. We added store front windows at one end of the hall and an outside deck. We also modified a few partitions. New air conditioning systems and lighting were added.
The site received a new look with new gravel parking areas along the streets and in the alley way, added handicap parking areas, concrete walkways and new landscaping.